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What kind of images can I upload?

You can share any high-quality image that holds special significance for you, and we will transform it into a timeless crystal keepsake. Whether it's a cherished family photo, a sweet moment with your spouse, a delightful selfie, or an adorable snapshot of your furry friend, we understand the value of unique memories.

Go ahead and upload a picture of the llama that brought joy at the petting zoo, the cactus that left a memorable mark on your family vacation, or the treehouse where you created lasting memories before it met a lightning strike. Whether the image is tied to a pivotal life moment or part of an inside joke, we're delighted to engrave it into a personalized crystal keepsake that will be a treasured memento for a lifetime.

Certainly! While we welcome photos of various subjects, it's crucial to consider other factors that can impact the quality of your engraving. To ensure optimal results for your 3D Crystal, it's essential to upload a photo that is not only clear but also high-resolution. Steer clear of images taken in unfavorable lighting conditions or from unconventional angles, such as a bird's eye view. For the most satisfactory outcome, we recommend uploading close-up portraits that vividly showcase the details of the individuals, locations, or pets you wish to immortalize in 3D.

The selection of your photo stands out as a crucial step in the customization process, considering it will be the central focus of your 3D crystal image! Our skilled designers ensure that each photo is optimized before engraving, and certain types of photos can result in exceptionally breathtaking 3D images.

To guide you in choosing the ideal picture for your 3D engraving, consider these helpful tips:

  • Opt for portraits or half-body shots, as they often produce the most impressive results. For a crisp 3D effect, select a photo with a clear view of the subjects, ensuring all faces are looking into the camera.
  • Opt for photos taken in good lighting, as shadows can sometimes translate into empty space in a 3D engraving.
  • Avoid photos captured from a bird's eye view or other unconventional angles, as these images may appear unusual in 3D engravings.
  • Our system issues a warning message if you attempt to upload an image that falls below our minimum size requirements. While we make every effort to screen each image, our system may not detect every potential issue.

If you have any questions or uncertainties about your photo, feel free to email it to us at We're here to assist!

To ensure the creation of the most impressive 3D image within your custom crystal, we've established a guideline outlining the maximum number of faces or figures that can be engraved within each of our crystal shapes and sizes. When personalizing your crystal in our shop, you'll find the recommended number of faces for each size displayed in the product listing.

1-2 people/ pets: Small Rectangle, Small Square, Mini Heart, Small Heart, Small Cut-Corner Cube, Medium Flame, and Small Multi-Facet Rectangle.

Up to 3 people/ pets: Medium Rectangle, Medium Square, Medium Heart, Medium Cut-Corner Cube, Large Flame, Medium Multi-Facet Rectangle.

Up to 4 people/ pets: Large Square, Large Heart, Large Rectangle, Large Cut-Corner Cube.

Up to 5 or 6 people/ pets: X-Large Rectangle, X-Large Heart, Large Multi-Facet Rectangle.

If you're uploading a photo featuring more than one person or pet, but you don't intend to include everyone in the photo, please specify in your Order Notes (available at cart page) exactly which figures you'd like to be engraved.

Our design team removes the background from your image to emphasize the people and pets in your photo as the central focus of your engraving. However, the beauty of a customizable product lies in your ability to decide its appearance! If the background of your photo holds significance for your engraving, you have the option to include it for an additional $20 by choosing the 2D Background option after uploading your image.

It's important to note that the background will be designed in 2D, while individuals and pets will maintain a 3D appearance so they present more clearly (unless otherwise specified). Before finalizing your purchase, we recommend verifying your order summary at checkout to ensure that the 2D Background feature has been activated for your item.

If certain objects in the background of your photo are of particular importance and you wish to preserve them in your engraving, while removing the rest of the background, selecting 2D Background is still necessary. You can provide specific instructions in your Order Notes. The $20 fee will still apply.

If your photo features people and pets in both the foreground and background, please inform us in your Order Notes if you want everyone included in your engraving. The selection of 2D Background is not required unless you specifically desire the inclusion of the background in the engraving (i.e. trees, buildings, etc).

While the idea is intriguing, it's important to note that our sub-surface laser engraving technology differs from laser printing, which would have an image printed on the surface of the crystal instead of as an internal, permanent image within the crystal itself. Creating our custom crystal pieces involves intricate laser etchings made on precisely plotted points beneath the crystal's surface. The nature of this process doesn't allow for the deposition of colour. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the end result is exceptionally captivating!

The appearance of your crystal is entirely up to your preference. Typically, we recommend removing the background from your photo as it enhances the striking 3D effect of your image. However, if your photo showcases people posing in front of something remarkable, like a famous monument or a breathtaking landscape, you might want to consider incorporating it into your engraving. Simply request this by choosing the 2D Background option, with a $20 fee applicable.

When you choose to retain your background, it will be engraved in 2D, while individuals and pets maintain a 3D appearance unless specified otherwise. It's advisable to review your order summary at checkout to ensure that the 2D Background feature has been activated for your item before finalizing your purchase.

In cases where the people in your photo are against a plain wall or in a space with distracting clutter, it's likely beneficial to have our designers remove the background for a cleaner look.

Uncertain about whether to keep or remove your background? Feel free to seek guidance from our customer service team at – we're more than happy to assist!

Ordering your personalized crystal online at is a seamless process! Begin by choosing a crystal shape and size from our shop. Then you will upload your chosen photo and fine-tune its placement on our digital template corresponding to your crystal shape. Once you’re happy with your preview, customize your crystal by including a note or caption to be engraved beneath your image. You can also explore various add-ons, such as light bases.

Upon completion, carefully review the options you've chosen and then check the designated box confirming the accuracy of your personalization. Finally you will click Add to Cart .

In your cart, take a moment to confirm your personalization details. Verify the correctness of the size, shape, and orientation (if applicable) of your crystal(s) in the order summary.

The last step is to input your payment and shipping details. Discount codes can be applied during this stage under Apply Coupon. Additionally, include any custom instructions under Order Notes. Finally, click Place Order to complete your purchase.

While online orders are easier for the purpose of uploading your image and customizing the text, you're welcome to drop by our office located at Crystal Sensations, 950 Denison Street, Unit 19, Markham, ON, L3R 3K5. Please send us an email if you will be coming to our office, as we operate by appointment only.  

Once your order has been dispatched, you'll be sent a confirmation email containing a tracking number. Utilize this tracking number to monitor the progress of your package by visiting our tracking page. Alternatively, you can enter your email address along with the order number for tracking updates. If you’ve selected pick-up, you will receive an email from us when the order is complete and ready for pickup.

No need to worry! The initial step is to verify the current delivery status of your order. You can input your tracking number or provide your name and email address here to determine if your package is still in transit.

If you've eliminated the possibility of a shipping delay or misdelivery, feel free to contact us at (905) 479-8652 x 214 within 5 days from the expected delivery date.

If you notice any missing information in your shipping address, simply reach out to us at +1 (905) 479-8652 x 214 or by sending an email to as soon as possible. As long as your item hasn't entered the shipping stage, we should be able to include your apartment number. It's crucial to contact us sooner rather than later; once your package is on its way, we won't have the ability to make any further alterations.

Indeed, you have the option for in person pickup at our office in Markham, ON! During checkout, enter your home address and choose "Pick up." Once your order is complete, our exceptional customer service team will get in touch using the contact information you provided, and you’ll receive the details on where and when your order will be available for pickup. Note that pickup hours are limited to our office hours on Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Unfortunately, modifications to your shipping address cannot be accommodated once your order has been placed. If you've inadvertently entered the wrong address or identified another error, kindly get in touch with us promptly at or give us a call at +1 (905) 479-8652 x 214, and we can work with you to correct the shipping details.

We understand that circumstances may change, and if you need to cancel your order, we won't take it personally. Just drop us an email at and inform us of the reason for your cancellation.

For a full refund, it's crucial to contact us as soon as you decide to cancel and must occur before production on your item has commenced. Due to the nature of custom orders, if we have already begun production on your order, cancellation might not be feasible. Given our commitment to efficiency, we may initiate work on your crystal within a day of receiving the order.

Contact with our support team to get further help.

905-479-8652 x 214

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